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The UK's Most Progressive Golf Fitness Program Now Available

We are excited to announce the development of the most progressive and unique Golf Fitness programs in the country.


 As a PGA Professional & Head of Performance at The York Golf Academy - Golf Coaching is a huge part of what I do and I believe Health and Fitness is an incredible way to improve your game no matter what your level.

This is matched with a background in Crossfit and Strength & Conditioning as well as being one of few PGA Professional's to be  TPI Certified.

pga professional golf driving range, coaching and lessons in york
pga professional golf driving range, coaching and lessons in york

Understanding the body and how it relates to the golf swing allows us to unlock potential not many others can. 


Coaching is given to golfers from beginner to elite and Golf Fitness Programming Specific can be used in a variety of ways.


Elite Golf Periodised programs for optimal performance and peak performance periods.


Recreational programs designed to enhance golfing performance and everyday life.


Junior development programs to enhance developmental periods and tailor muscle growth for optimal performance through adolescent years.


Golf Programs for Rehabilitation, using golf and mobility specific exercises individuals who are recovering from injury, trauma or illness can use to enhance movement, balance, coordination, agility and overall confidence.


Holistic Coaching Philosophies to help you #Bemore.


Our aim is to help as many people to enhance their abilities both in terms of skill and fitness. The relationship between them is undeniable and the understanding of this can not only help you become the golfer you want to be, but also have a hugely positive effect on your life as a whole.


GOLFWOD - Your Golf Workout of the Day.

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